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The Christmas season STARTS on December 25

In light of that, I am searching the net for Advent resources (since I don’t think I ought to air out my pet peeves unless I also propose a solution). I will update this post rather than make new posts as I find new resources. The challenge in my house is finding things to do that will suit the wide age range of our children.

This is a short booklet on celebrating Advent in the home, based on the Book of Common Prayer.

Resources on the church year (not just Advent) – from a Lutheran perspective, here and here.

Update, Dec.11 – I see Binks has linked to me, so I’d better add a few more links, eh?

Advent from a Protestant perspective here.

A short article from Christian History magazine.

From a British junior school.

From Suite 101 (although I must point out, not all churches use pink vestments for the third Sunday in Advent. Pink! Not my thing, I’m afraid…)

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