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Practicing to be a Red Hat Lady

Except that I am not old enough to be one yet. This is a good start, though:

Flashy sandals that will clash with every pair of handknit socks that I have made!

Quote of the Day

I’ve gotta say, the ability to go from the resurrection of Jesus Christ to cow emissions in the space of a couple hundred words is truly extraordinary.

Read the whole thing here.

As We Head into Holy Week

This fellow’s stage presence is horrid – minimize the window and just listen…

h/t Stand Firm

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…Make it Stop, Make it Stop, Make it Stop

Well, we made it to church today, barely.  Along with about 25 or 30 other people, plus whoever was at the early service.  Some pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

Here’s the snowbank son #2 could have almost climbed up onto the roof of our house from:

Here’s son #2 after having fallen down said snowbank:

And here is the view that greeted us as we came home from church.  A city bus, stuck in the snow, completely blocking our street:

This was at one o’clock in the afternoon.  Despite the fact that we live on a bus route, the City of Ottawa still hadn’t plowed our street.  At the time of posting, the plow still hasn’t been by.  I heard that a lady in Montreal actually bought a snowplow for her street and sent the bill to the city.  I begin to understand her frustration.  We don’t live on a cul-de-sac, we live on a major street with a bus route.

This is really cute, but…

…I have to wonder at the cat that would put up with it.

Musical Interludes

Thank you SO much, Michael Daley

Daley tagged me to list six unimportant facts/quirks/habits about myself. Gee, thanks. I just noticed that Scott Gilbreath tagged me too. I hope I get away with not doing this at the Essentials blog. 😛

Reminds me of chain letters.

Anyhow, here goes:

1. I secretly like it when my kindergartener has to stay home from school.

2. I am seriously considering going back to university. At 43. ARGH.

3. #2 is a serious stretch of my comfort zone.

4. I love to knit, but I am bad at finishing things.

5. I don’t know how many unfinished projects I have lying around because I don’t want to know.

6. I was addicted to Babylon 5.

Right, now I have to tag six bloggers – hummm….

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(I would have tagged the Stats Guy but he got me first, argh)

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