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Square Peg in a Round Hole

I know better. I am a small c conservative person, as far as my faith goes, and a left wing (gradually becoming more centrist as I get older) person as far as my politics go. I just got myself embroiled in a political discussion on an American blog. I know better, I really truly do, and I wasn’t even wearing my flame proof suit! It is very true that religion and politics don’t mix.

Cabin Fever

I saw a Northern Cardinal this morning, and a crow with nesting material in his mouth.  What have you seen?  Leave a comment.  Maybe this winter will end sometime…..


Magic Fairy Airplanes

Chris Johnson tickled my funnybone today.  Twice!  Go read him.

Silliness Interlude

Not quite sure what to make of this…

…found it on Cute Overload.

Laugh of Another Day

Santa Claus Smacks Down Heresy    from the Stats Guy.

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