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And now…. Idiots.

The government of Ontario is paying for Ottawa’s free crack pipe programme, despite the fact that Ottawa police don’t want it and the city cut funding for it.  Also despite the fact that Ottawa is in desperate need of a residential drug treatment programme, which the province, so far, has declined to fund.  What’s a better use of taxpayers’ money:  funding a programme that enables drug use, or funding a programme that helps people get off drugs?  Seems like a no brainer to me.

If I hadn’t seen this with my own two eyes…

….I wouldn’t have believed it.

What was he thinking?

If I were this guy’s mother I’d be cutting off his allowance.


I wasn’t going to blog about this, I truly wasn’t.  I dislike pop “culture” and do my very best to ignore it.  I can’t help thinking, though, that this is what happens when you don’t supply enough limits to children as they are growing up.  Most of us don’t have the money and celebrity to crash and burn in public, that’s all.  She obviously was never taught that rules do, in fact, apply to her.  One can only hope for her sake that she learns in prison.

The world turned on its head

This fellow needs a psychologist, not a surgeon.  The real tragedy of it is, he would probably have a hard time finding a psychologist or psychiatrist who wouldn’t tell him that he needed to see a surgeon!

Special category of Hairy Eyeball for tackiness goes to…

….the Pee Bee. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t’ve believed it.

Later: The link should work now…

Even later:   The other half says that they look like a university cheerleading squad, and I have to agree….

Sex isn’t work

The next Hairy Eyeball goes to the College of William and Mary’s students’ association and Women’s studies dept:

The college of William and Mary removed the cross from its chapel to make it less “faith specific” (William and Mary would be rolling over in their graves at the thought). Meanwhile, the students’ association sponsored the “Sex Workers Art Show“. This is wrong on so many levels that it is difficult to know where to begin. First of all, “sex worker” is an oxymoron. Sex isn’t work – to turn it into work is inherently harmful. Instead of celebrating and legitimizing prostitution and stripping, we as a society ought to be putting our resources into, number one, finding out why people are drawn into these “trades”, with an eye to prevent more people falling victim to them. Really, who in their right mind would strip or have sex with a stranger for money if he or she had any other way to make a living? Number two, resources should be put into helping people who have been drawn into the “sex trade” get out, find legitimate employment and healing. The event cost $1800 US, which, in the larger scheme of things, isn’t a great deal of money. However, it could have been better spent helping get people out of prostitution, rather than celebrating it.

I’m reminded of something that CS Lewis said (I think it was in Mere Christianity) – I paraphrase (because I have no idea where my copy of the book is):

If people would pay money to go to a theatre, and watch as a curtain was slowly raised to reveal a steak dinner, and then slowly lowered again, you would rightly conclude that something had gone wrong with that society’s attitude towards food.

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